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Pregnancy Osteopathy

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  • Building Trust

    The therapeutic relationship between osteopath and patient is built on trust and confidence. Osteopaths must communicate effectively with patients in order to establish and maintain an ethical relationship.

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  • Quality Patient Care

    Osteopaths must deliver high-quality, safe, ethical and effective healthcare through evaluation and considered treatment approaches, which are clearly explained to the patient and respect patient dignity. Osteopaths are committed to maintaining and enhancing their practice to continuously deliver high-quality patient care.

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  • Primary Healthcare Professional

    Ethically an osteopath must possess the relevant knowledge and skills required to function as a primary healthcare professional.

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  • Promoting Patient Safety

    Osteopaths must deliver safe and ethical healthcare by interacting with professional colleagues and patients in a respectful and timely manner.

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At Windrush Osteopathy we are focused on restoring, maintaining and promoting well being.


Pregnancy Osteopathy

Osteopathy can be of great help during pregnancy to help the body to adapt to the rapid changes occurring in each trimester. The physical strain of carrying up to 20lb/10kg of water, placenta and baby can place strain on the mother’s muscles, joints, soft tissues and ligaments. Osteopathy aims to improve body mechanics, maintain good alignment, balance and movement. It uses hands on treatment to help the body to adapt to these changes and to prepare for delivery. We are able to advise on breathing techniques, gentle stretching and exercise. We also offer kinesiotaping, which can provide support and stability through pregnancy.



osteo03Postnatal Osteopathy

Once baby has arrived there are huge demands on parents to care for your newborn.  A healthy and happy mother can care for their baby much more easily than a mother in pain or restrictions following pregnancy and childbirth. Equally important is the father who has an important supportive role to play. The mother’s body has undergone stresses, strains and maybe injury through pregnancy and delivery. Both parents’ may experience aches and pains from prolonged feeding postures, rocking, holding and cuddling baby. Carrying them in heavy seats to and from the car, wrangling pushchairs and sometimes siblings too can all add to your body’s discomfort. A postnatal check can help to address any issues that are not resolving, offering advice on adapting positions for feeding, carrying etc. Osteopathy offers gentle hands on treatment, exercises, stretches and advice to help your body to adjust after delivery.

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I'm registered At Windrush osteopathy we take a hands on treatment approach to neuro-muscularskeletal problems. These may arise as a natural consequence of ageing, everyday activities, work, or participation in sport. We aim to improve function and empower the individual in their recovery.